5 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Chromebook

Many people ask “what is a Chromebook?” In short Chromebooks can deliver both Google and Microsoft platforms whilst cutting upfront costs, always staying up-to-date and eliminating the need to image devices. We invite you to read this article where we help to explain the benefits of buying a refurbished Chromebook.



five reasons to buy a refurbished chromebook 



What's the difference between Chromebooks and laptops?

Before we go into describing the main benefits of buying a refurbished Chromebook, you might be interested to understand the main differences between a refurbished laptop and a refurbished Chromebook to help with your decision. In a nutshell, the main difference is the operating system. Instead of a Windows 10 (and soon Windows 11) or macOS laptop, Chromebooks run Google's Chrome OS. A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Google’s Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system that largely relies on the Chrome browser as its main user interface. This means that anything you can do with the Chrome browser, you can do on a Chromebook. That doesn’t mean that you can only use a Chromebook when there’s an internet connection. Google has designed Chrome OS to be able to run apps from the Chrome Web Store or the Google Play Store on which there are thousands to choose from to cover all the basics – from word processors and spreadsheets to quick photo editing and light gaming.


When deciding on a second hand laptop or a used Chromebook, we would first advise that you consider what you want your device to do – i.e. if you are simply looking for a portable device which is suitable for browsing the internet then a used Chromebook will definitely do the job and will save you money too. Externally, a Chromebook and a laptop may look similar as both are technically a laptop however just with a different operating system. After all, a Chromebook is technically a laptop, just with a different operating system. Both are notebooks with a keyboard, a camera, a built-in screen, and a trackpad.

However internally they are very different indeed. Laptops typically have more capable microprocessors – usually from Intel or AMD – and more robust integrated or discrete graphics powering them than Chromebooks. On the flip side, Chromebooks usually have lower-performing chips and graphics inside, although a handful of premium Chromebooks have been known to run on Intel Core chips. The reason for this is two-fold: the Chrome OS is lightweight enough that it really doesn’t need a powerful chip to run, and it keeps the cost of Chromebooks down.


Chromebooks are a cheaper alternative for school work

A Chromebook is a great low-cost option, with prices dipping much lower than a refurbished laptop. However, the price of a Chromebook can skyrocket if you choose a corporate or luxury option like the Google Pixelbook. Most Chromebooks are also lightweight devices that are portable and easy to carry with you when you need them which makes them a great laptop for students.

 chromebooks for students

When people think of Chromebooks, they think of laptops for students. A Chromebook is a good choice for a student that is primarily using the computer for web browsing, word processing, or streaming video and audio. Chromebooks speaking generally, have lower storage capacity and for most students, storage isn't a problem as Google-focused students can store their files with Drive. They can also use SD cards and USB drives to keep hold of their documents.


Chromebooks are secure

The relative simplicity of a Chromebook offers a far smaller “attack surface” than a Windows laptop does. The complexity of Windows PCs, including the software Windows supports, provides hackers many more opportunities to attack.

Google developed Chromebooks with security as a priority, using everything from isolated, “sandboxed” processes to verified boot to help protect your system. For people who worry about websites that hijack your browser or download malware, a Chromebook’s defenses protect you without making you think about it much.

Login security works about the same on both Chromebook and laptop platforms. Logging into a Chromebook requires a Google account and its password. While U2F hardware keys for logging in can be used, a typical home user probably wouldn’t. Windows laptops also prefer a Microsoft account and password (though you can log into the PC locally without one). Authentication options include Windows Hello (either via a fingerprint reader or depth camera, or else with a short PIN), which provides a casual level of security that also lets you resume work quickly and easily.


Chromebooks are fast

Chromebooks can power up and be ready to use in around eight seconds. They can do this because of their SSD hard drives and the lightweight Chrome OS platform.


Chromebooks make a great family laptop

refurbished laptop for families

Chromebooks have always been a popular laptop choice for students and families for many reasons. In particular, the parental controls make a refurbished Chromebook a great refurbished laptop for children. Chromebook users can create supervised accounts to track or limit online activity for kids online. This makes the Chromebook a great family-friendly laptop.


Chromebooks are great for android apps

Google has recently announced that some touchscreen Chromebooks can run Android apps on your Chromebook. Every Chromebook made in 2017 or later will have this ability.


This merging of Chrome OS and Android enhances the functionality of a Chromebook. It means you can use Android apps by Adobe, Microsoft, and others to play games, create and edit files, or play music and movies.


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