6 Things to Understand Before Purchasing Refurbished Electronics Online

You may have heard of ITZOO and even purchased from us, whereas some of you may never have heard of us. If you have not heard of us before, we would like to give you a quick introduction about who we are and what we do. In short, ITZOO is the online trading name of EPC Global Solutions UK LTD. We trade as one of Europe's largest suppliers of refurbished laptops and refurbished computers. We supply tier one brands such Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, and Samsung. From time to time we also supply brands such as Toshiba, AOC, etc. Therefore we have plenty of choice with the majority of our devices being high end ex business lease laptops and PCs, meaning we are a popular choice for those looking for refurbished laptops or used computers for businesses!  


There's a straightforward reason why many choose to buy refurbished tech instead of a brand-new alternative— simply to save money. It's also nice to avoid sending a device to the landfill when this gadget could be reused.


The problem is that refurbed PCs, used laptops, and other second hand devices are that they are not new, and are likely to have had a life before they came to you. Based on this and the uncertainty of previous life may put off some consumers. Maybe it was a short existence with the original that brought few tribulations, but maybe not but how are you to know? It was enough of a life that the product was sent back and given an overhaul to make it workable again, or at least a once-over to make sure it still delivers. That all happened under the original product warranty—a warranty you may not receive when giving that product a second chance. You may also have to sacrifice the original accessories and deal with a few imperfections.


Here's the quick rundown of what you should be aware of before you click the buy button on a renewed piece of computer hardware. We also help to answer these crucial questions and help to put your mind at ease when it comes to buying refurbished tech and in particular purchasing reconditioned devices online.


Is it a Refurbished Device or an Open-Box Return?

A typical open-box product is one that was purchased and opened, but returned before it was ever used. This could be due to various reasons; the buyer or recipient may not have wanted the device, or perhaps the packaging was damaged in transit so it was returned as a precaution, even though the contents worked fine. From time to time at ITZOO we offer open boxed laptops and PCs – however we would make this very clear on each advert so it is obvious that the item is open boxed. We may still have the original box which the laptop or PC came in, or we may have had to re-box the item due to the original packaging being damaged.


However, our core business at ITZOO is the refurbishment of devices and therefore we have a highly specialised technical team who manage the full refurb process at our own premises based in Sheffield. Our refurb process involves repairing each device (if needed), cleaning and generally sprucing up if required such as replacing screens, keyboards, etc. We list more information about our refurbishment process below.


Check the Refurbishment Process of the Device

Along with the refurbishment process, you may also be curious of the product’s origin and we completely understand why you would want to know this information. Most devices acquired come from the leasing side of our business and we then refurbish these devices to sell onto consumers at ITZOO and therefore we know the exact life of each device. If for some reason we cannot repair a laptop, we will simply recycle this through EPC. You can be assured that at ITZOO, we follow stringent processes due to us trading as a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher. This requires a very strict refurbishment process. From our base in Sheffield we have a complete warehouse facility and technical centre where we can perform comprehensive audits on the large volumes of equipment that is collected from across Europe.


In short, the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher (MAR) licensing program is tailored to the needs of large refurbishers that wish to work with Microsoft to deliver genuine Microsoft software licenses on the computers they refurbish and sell in the commercial market. Therefore you know what you are getting is genuine! The programme is only open to large refurbishers and these companies must meet eligibility requirements to participate in the program. You can be sure to trust ITZOO for your refurbished requirements from second hand PC’s, to refurbished Apple and used laptops as we hold the MAR accreditation and have done for many years.


Does the Refurbished Device Come with all the Accessories?

Opening an iPhone box and not finding a charger can be a negative experience for some. Rest assured, we will always note on each advert what is included with each device.

It is useful to know that each refurbished laptop purchased at ITZOO comes with the relevant charger and our refurbished computers are also sent with the correct cables so you do not need to worry about the cost of sourcing these elsewhere which can be pricey. We also offer additional accessories such as keyboards and mice along with headsets and carry cases and even Wi-Fi adapters for PCs and workstations.


Does the Refurbished Product Still Have a Warranty?

We would advise that you check warranties when purchasing refurbished PCs or used laptops or workstations. As standard all of our A and B grade items are sold with 12 month warranties. Any C grade items come with 90 days warranty. We also offer an extension of warranties over 24 months for peace of mind if you wish to extend this.

On occasions we also sell new devices which also include original manufacturers warranties – if in doubt of these please get in touch and we will be happy to provide this information if available.


Check that you Understand the Condition of the Device

There are no written rules on how each company grades a refurbished product, outside of the fact that no seller can say the device is not brand new.

To help clear up and confusion or worry, we offer detailed information on our refurbished equipment grading which are separated for each type of device from PCs through to iMac units. Please keep in mind all devices have been previously used and will not be in “as new” condition. At ITZOO we will always price products in relation to their grade, if you wish to purchase and excellent condition device with only minor signs of wear, we would always advise to purchase grade A items. If you want to save some money, whilst still buying a fully functional and tested device, the lower graded units offer exceptional value but will show obvious signs of previous use. You can read up on how we grade each device here.


What's the Return Policy?

Buying refurbished devices can leave some people feeling worried about how long the life will be of the device once purchased or if they will encounter an issue within the first month of using the laptop/ PC or any other reconditioned device.

At ITZOO, we allow items to be returned within 30 days of receipt of your shipment if you have changed your mind. We just ask that they are returned in original condition and in the original packaging and the device must include chargers, etc. if the item came with this. You can read more about our returns policy here.

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