Benefits Of Buying A Refurbished Laptop

Owning a device such as a laptop or PC from a favourite brand is everyone’s dream. Although, unfortunately this cannot become the reality in many cases due to budget constraints. Therefore many of us have to settle for the next best option. Opting for a refurbished laptop is an easy way to overcome this while getting yourself a great deal on a business grade laptop at a fraction of the price when bought new. We’re here to help brief you on the benefits of buying a reconditioned laptop as we are one of the UKs best places to buy second hand laptops.


Many people ask themselves “should I buy a refurbished laptop?” as they believe there is a risk associated with buying a reconditioned device. In this article we help to explain why it is a good idea to buy a refurbished laptop and the risks associated with buying a second hand laptop.


ITZOO Understand the Full History of Each Refurbished Device


Most devices sold at ITZOO are second-hand or used products, in a strict sense. These electronic devices are returned from the leasing side of our business with an average lease of around 3 years. As we know how each device has been handled in the past, this helps us to better understand what refurbishment (if any) is required on each device. Each device goes through strict inspections at our own premises, are then cleaned and repaired or upgraded before sold as a refurbished device. So, when you purchase a refurbished device at ITZOO, you’re assured of a fully-operational product that’s as good as new.



Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers Provide Professionally Refurbished Laptops


Secondly, we would like to draw attention to Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers (MAR) as a benefit of buying a refurbished laptop or second hand PC or workstation for that matter. There are very few companies who trade with this recognition in the UK but we would recommend that you pay special attention to this qualification as Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers provide professionally refurbished laptops and desktop solutions to businesses and end consumers. As a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher, we have many years of experience professionally refurbishing computers and laptops (for over 25 years) using data security and environmental and sustainability best practices and compliance methods. You can therefore be sure that each unit is supplied with the latest genuine Windows software. It is also worth noting that each individual device has undergone rigorous checks and would fully pass even the strictest test which we now help to explain in the next area of this blog article.


Rigorous Testing Enables Each Device to Work “as New”


We have customers who ask us how each of our refurbished laptops are tested before they make their way to them. We now help to demonstrate why it is a great choice to buy a reconditioned laptop and buying from a MAR can help to reduce the risks of buying a refurbished device by specialist testing processes in place.  Below is a brief summary of our testing process for all refurbished devices sold at ITZOO.


  1. Our specialist technical team firstly visually inspect the asset, which includes checking for any visual damage to USB, HDMI or any other ports and inspect all the way round the asset including any screens for cracks, blemishes. This check also includes booting up the device to test USB ports and DVD/Optical Drives (if the device has an optical drive).


  1. The team then use a secondary audit tool to check for blemishes and dead pixels, webcam function, keyboard type and test of every key, sound and onboard speaker, hardware driver errors and the power supply is checked for both functional and any visual damage.


  1. These findings are then recorded and the refurbished asset is graded accordingly. Each refurbished laptop sold on ITZOO has been tested to be fully functional, however the main differences between grade A and grade B refurbished devices are how they look cosmetically with little differences. You can find more about how we grade our refurbished assets here.



You Can “Do Your Bit” For the Environment by Purchasing a Reconditioned Laptop


At ITZOO, we believe that buying a refurbished PC or laptop helps to play an important role in reducing your environmental impact while saving you money and we help to offer a simple way to purchase refurbished laptops safely. Global efforts to protect nature and the environment and reduce the impacts of climate change are on the rise, and every effort is made to minimise pollution in the environment in which we live. Buying a used laptop or reconditioned computer puts used products into circulation, so if you care about sustainability, purchasing a refurbished laptop or PC will leave you with feeling like you are doing your part to help protect the environment.


In Summary


Simply put, there is little risk with buying a reconditioned laptop from ITZOO – whether this be a laptop from our refurbished Dell Latitude range or a laptop from a core line of refurbished laptops – the refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad range. More pros of buying a refurbished laptop includes huge cost savings, long warranty periods and a bigger choice of brands as buying a new laptop with a smaller budget might limit you to cheaper brands. Lastly, another benefit of buying a refurbished device is reduced glitches with devices as any minor issues have been removed at the refurbished stage. Take a look for yourself at our range of reconditioned laptops as we are one of the best places to buy refurbished laptops in the UK.

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