Buy Refurbished Tech at ITZOO and GO GREEN!

go green and buy refurbished tech at itzoo

Many would distinguish the main benefit of buying a refurbished laptop, used desktop or second hand iMac computers, as the intensely reduced price compared to buying its new equivalent. However, numerous people may not know that one of the biggest benefits of buying refurbished tech is actually the reduction in the environmental impact when you opt to use a refurbished laptop, PC or other piece of second hand technology. Last month marked World Earth Day – something which at Itzoo, we take a deep interest in. We are always looking for ways to become more sustainable, while ensuring our refurbishment processes are as environmentally friendly as they can be.


When purchasing refurbished technology from ITZOO, you are doing something great – you are helping the environment by reusing core minerals and parts that have already been made. We invite you to take a read of our blog article where we go into more detail on this topic which has been brought to the forefront in recent years.


Why buying refurbished technology is reducing your carbon footprint

Firstly, we will take a look at the top ways that green, refurbished technology is helping to protect the environment in which we live in and the ways in which this can reduce your own carbon footprint.


Less fumes are pumped into the air

The manufacturing process of computers, laptops, workstations and other tech devices, produce a lot of by-products in the way of air and water pollution. It is not surprising that there is still a huge demand for new tech devices as many people still aspire to have the newest technology. With this constant demand for new technology, there will always be a constant manufacturing process that causes negative effects for the environment.


When it comes to buying refurbished laptops, second hand PCs and other refurbished tech devices, there is little to no manufacturing process when it comes to these refurbished devices. At ITZOO, we recycle parts which are manually installed into recycled computers and laptops at our own premises in Sheffield, making the refurbishment process as carbon efficient and green as can be.


You may notice that we sell many core lines on A few examples include the refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad P50 laptop and the refurbished Dell 3050 SFF PC. Doing this, helps us to reduce our carbon footprint as this gives us better availability of spare parts which we can reuse to service our refurbished kit which we then offer to customers.  


Buying refurbished tech creates less waste

You may be aware that the refurbished computers, used laptops, and other recycled tech devices listed for sale on ITZOO are acquired from the leasing side of our business and therefore we know and understand the lifecycle of where and how each individual product has been used.


Typically on average, each tech device has a 3 – 4 year lifespan, with the majority of users (in particular business users) wanting to upgrade to the latest models after this timeframe. The biggest problem with this is that it leaves perfectly functional and working equipment being disposed of in landfill sites which is extremely bad for the environment. It is well-known that some components which make up computers and other tech devices can be highly toxic to the environment and when thrown into a landfill, means toxic chemicals can pollute soil and water which is highly damaging to the environment.



It reduces your carbon footprint

The mining of the core minerals themselves for new PCs, laptop and other technology uses a lot of energy which has a negative effect to the environment. As they are being constantly mined to keep up with the high demand for new computers, etc, this puts a lot of harmful substances into the air.


Components for new computers and new laptops are made by different manufactures all over the world which means that they need to be transported across the world to reach the final assembly manufacturer which again is highly harmful to the environment.


Shipping and aviation industries pump a lot of unwanted gases and substances into the atmosphere and into seas. With so many parts being transported regularly, there is a huge negative impact on the environment.


As refurbished laptops and refurbished computers reuse and recycle old parts that have already been manufactured and transported, the negative impact on the environment is significantly reduced. This makes refurbished technology extremely green and an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and help you to do your bit for the environment.


Go green and buy refurbished!

We hope that this article has provided some insights into the benefits of buying refurbished laptops, computers, refurbished apple, etc. from ITZOO in relation to protecting the environment. With people becoming more conscious of their impact on the planet, making the change to buying refurbished instead of buying new is a great way in helping to protect the planet.


At ITZOO, we are proud to be a part of the refurbished tech industry and have over 25 years’ experience in refurbishing hardware – from used Apple iMac, to refurbished Dell PCs through to second hand Lenovo laptops and more!


If you would like to hear more about the benefits of buying refurbished from ITZOO, or have any other questions please get in touch with us on or call our team on 020 4524 5080.

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