How To Shop Used Laptops On A Budget

How To Shop Used Laptops On A Budget

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Information technology has shaped and will continue to shape many areas of our lives in the future. Most people can now hardly imagine themselves without devices such as a smartphone, a computer, a laptop, etc. The era of portable devices, such as laptops, has been around for quite some time now and it’s not at all surprising. The flexibility and convenience that laptops bring makes them ideal for all kinds of environments, whether this be for work or pleasure. Laptop computers are highly portable which allow them to be taken almost anywhere and are ideal for work and home life, serving as a work device, as well as being great for online shopping or even simply for watching TV.

Refurbished laptops from well-known top brands such as Dell, Lenovo and Apple offer all the great features that many are in the search to find from a brand-new laptop, without the inflated prices. Used laptops are also a great choice if you are conscious of your carbon footprint. Many people are swayed to consider purchasing a second hand laptop from a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher as all laptops come with the latest version of Windows installed which means you will have the latest software at your fingertips. Such as with other pieces of technology, as time goes on, performance can reduce in laptops, and therefore you may eventually find yourself in need of an upgrade. When you decide it’s time for an upgrade, you may be tempted by the newest models on the market (which also come with the bulky price tag), which can put a strain on your wallet.

As one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of refurbished computers, second hand laptops and used Apple products, at Itzoo, we believe there is a simple solution - instead of buying a new model of laptop, why not decide on a second hand laptop and get more for your money? If you are new to refurbished technology, we invite you to read our guide on how to shop refurbished laptops on a budget which will help guide you on the best options for you.


Why do so many people buy used laptops?

  • Buying refurbished, means cheap laptop prices as prices reduce as newer models enter the market.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Refurbished laptops purchased at Itzoo are all tested to MAR (Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher) standards.
  • You are able to buy much higher specifications of used laptops for a fraction of the price when bought new.
  • Second hand laptops purchased at Itzoo (A and B grades) all come with 12 months warranty. This can also be extended to 24 months.


Specifications to consider when buying a second hand laptop

As you look around Itzoo, you will see various options for storage on our refurbished laptops, memory capacity and more. The first thing we would advise is to think about what you will be using your used laptop for. For example, if you plan on using this for work then the higher end specs will cost you slightly more – you may even need to purchase a laptop with more RAM if you are using software such as Adobe Illustrator. You may just be looking for a cheap laptop as a device to do your online shopping, which in this case you are sure to bag yourself a bargain laptop at Itzoo.

Core processor

Many customers find the core processor of a second hand laptop, one of the most vital parts within the consideration process when buying a refurbished laptop as it will shape the whole user experience. Before deciding on a laptop, we would suggest that you look out for the core processor. Many want a core processor no lower than i5, especially if a lot of streaming is carried out on the laptop as the core of a used laptop will largely determine the overall speed of the laptop.


Lenovo give great advice on how to decide how much RAM you actually need. They say “for basic, day-to-day computing, 8GB of memory should be sufficient. That gives you enough room to fully load Windows, plus a few productivity apps, and a web browser. As long as you don’t open dozens of tabs in your browser or forget to quit apps that you no longer need to have running, you shouldn’t encounter any performance issues. If you’re conscientious about closing unused apps, you’ll find that 8GB is also enough RAM for most game titles (some only require 4GB), as long as you’re not running them at their maximum settings.

Once you start needing multiple apps open at once, for instance, an email client, a browser, Adobe Acrobat, several Microsoft Office apps, and perhaps a communication client like Slack, those 8GB of RAM will be quickly overwhelmed. If you’re a major multi-tasker, you’ll find that 16GB of RAM will give you the extra room you need to keep all of those programs running smoothly. It’s unlikely you’ll find a game that can’t run very smoothly with 8GB of RAM, though you may have to be careful about which other programs are running at the same time. Crysis 3 might be content sharing the stage with Microsoft Word and Outlook, but you’ll need to stay away from heavier demands like websites with lots of ads and auto-play videos.

More than 16GB is probably unnecessary for most people. More resource-intensive operations may require even more RAM, 32 GB or more. This amount of memory is a must-have for powerhouse workstations. This is a good fit for the types of jobs that need a lot of computing power, typically in a professional setting.”


When considering storage capacity on a used laptop, many customers are searching for a  Solid-State Drive (SSD), as this gives the device more speed even when getting full. The most common storage size we sell at Itzoo is 256GB SSD which suits most laptop users just fine. We also offer storage as HDD, which can be slower than SSD but you can find some hidden gems for this storage of laptop on Itzoo.



As we have mentioned within this helpful guide, buying a refurbished laptop will give you huge cost savings than when buying a new laptop in addition with helping the environment by recycling devices and allowing you to buy a better spec of laptop for your money. However, many do not consider warranties on items, but we do advise that you check the warranty on refurbished laptops purchased at any place. By shopping refurbished laptops at Itzoo, you will find that we offer a 12 month warranty with all A and B graded items purchased so you can buy in confidence. Check out our additional years’ warranty if you wish to buy this for extra peace of mind in case an issue does arise. You can find out more about our warranty information here.


The testing process

Many know Itzoo as the trading name of CSI Lifecycle Services - a leader in providing IT asset disposal services. For over 25 years CSI LCS has worked with organisations throughout the UK and Europe to manage the disposal and remarketing of end of life computer equipment. We offer a suite of services including collection, auditing, remarketing, secure data destruction and WEEE recycling.

As part of the CSI worldwide group, CSI Lifecycle Services also manages asset disposal for our parent company CSI Leasing, processing thousands of items of IT equipment for large organisations every month. We provide reliable and secure end-of-lease computer disposal for large multi-nationals, local government and educational organisations.

You can be assured that at Itzoo, we follow stringent processes due to us trading as a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher. This requires a very strict refurbishment process. From our base in Sheffield we have a complete warehouse facility and technical centre where we can perform comprehensive audits on the large volumes of equipment that is collected from across Europe.


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