IBM SurePOS 500 Series epos

IBM SurePOS 500 Series epos / pos parts available refurbished from ITZOO.

Innovative technology meets smart design The IBM SurePOS™ 500 Series delivers the style, serviceability and state-of-the-art technology retailers need to help optimize the customer experience in food service, hospitality, specialty and gas and convenience. These sleek systems add visual appeal to any location as well as a space-saving footprint. A virtually tool-less design makes service fast and easy, which helps reduce onsite service calls and helps lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Systems management technology enables centralized control to increase efficiency and lower IT support costs. Intelligent, affordable choices for your store The IBM SurePOS 500 Series provides outstanding flexibility. Each system can support multimedia capabilities and can be configured with an array of system-matched peripherals. These IBM-tested peripherals are designed to work with the SurePOS 500 Series, which helps reduce the risk of integrating components from multiple vendors.1 You can also select from a diverse variety of application software from authorized IBM Business Partners to help enhance customer service, drive loyalty and differentiate from your competitors. An unmatched combination of sleek design, high performance and reliability IBM SurePOS 500 Series  Features a virtually tool-less design on select models that helps enable fast, easy service, which helps to reduce your total cost of ownership  Supports a broad range of applications and includes models that meet many specialized retail requirements Highlights Extreme reliability and durability The IBM SurePOS 500 Series is designed to help withstand severe thermal and humidity thresholds, extensive vibration, power fluctuations and radio interference. This retail hardening helps your IBM SurePOS 500 system thrive under grueling wear and tear in demanding specialty and food service environments. Open platform for the latest POS software With an open systems architecture, the IBM SurePOS 500 Series helps you integrate new technologies as your needs change. In addition, these systems support diverse third-party applications, including Ready for IBM Retail Store Innovations solutions.2 This initiative helps IBM Business Partners validate their solutions on IBM POS systems, so retailers can implement new technologies confidently. Convenient, streamlined design Every model of the SurePOS 500 Series is designed for easy service. On select models, a virtually tool-less design makes it easy to access all replaceable units, including the hard drive and power supply. This feature improves usability and helps to minimize downtime in the event of an outage. Plus, it helps reduce the need for service visits. Industry-leading infrared touchscreens Most models of the IBM SurePOS 500 Series offer next-generation infrared (IR) touchscreen displays, which maintain high levels of transaction accuracy and speed. Choose from 12-inch, 15-inch or 17-inch screen size. All three allow users to view multiple applications simultaneously, and the 17-inch option provides maximum onscreen display area at its native resolution. Unlike other touchscreens, IR displays do not require plastic overlays that reduce brightness and are susceptible to scratching. A higher contrast ratio provides vivid, well-defined characters and buttons, and a wider viewing angle helps improve visibility. Best of all, fixed optical alignment helps eliminate recalibrations. Data storage flexibility With an internal 4GB modular flash drive, the IBM SurePOS 500 Series provides a new level of data storage flexibility. It allows you to store transaction data separately from the hard drive, adding a layer of redundancy. The drive can also be used to store a backup version of the system configuration to promote faster recovery from hard disk failure. Flexible, easy retail connectivity With USB, serial and PC card connectivity, the IBM SurePOS 500 Series makes it easy to connect a broad range of printers, scanners, PIN pads, cameras, biometric devices, RFID technology and wireless communications. Powered USB ports allow you to operate peripherals directly from the system unit without external power bricks. Enhanced wireless integration provides coverage and flexibility to help retailers meet country specific requirements.


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