UK’s number 1 choice for refurbished PC & laptops?

ITZOO – The UK’s number one choice for refurbished laptops and computers?

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Obviously, we’re biased, of course we think that ITZOO is the best source for refurbished laptops and computers, the question is are we really? How can we prove that we offer the best value and service when it comes to buying refurbished hardware?


One of our biggest sources of customers is the community driven deal sharing website   in their own words: The best place for Deals, Discounts & Freebies. We get thousands of visitors and sales from deals that are posted by the site’s members each week, these are not paid for adverts but deals submitted by real people like you who think that what we offer represents fantastic value when it comes to buying refurbished computers and laptops.

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So the fact that these users, the HOTUKDEALS community, think our deals are great value suggests we’re doing something right. So are we the best? Difficult to say really and possibly unfair on our competitors but the volume of deals posted would suggest ITZOO is definitely up there as one of the top sellers of refurbished laptops and computers in the UK. In June alone, the site members posted sixteen offers linked directly to fantastic deals available on ITZOO.


The offers included great deals on refurbished Samsung S9+ smartphones, deals we had on offer for refurbished Dell TFT monitors as well as deals on other refurbished computers, laptops and smartwatches. The HOTUKDEALS community definitely like ITZOO! With over 180 offers available on the site it’s clear that ITZOO certainly is a leader in the refurbished computer market.

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Why are we so proud of the fact that we’re popular on HOTUKDEALS? Simple, its community based, its real people selecting our products and sharing them knowing that ITZOO offer fantastic products at fantastic prices. The site users are actively recommending ITZOO not just to their friends but to everyone in the UK. Most are customers who have previously purchased a refurbished laptop or computer from ITZOO, they have sampled the quality, enjoyed the high level of customer service and best of all liked our low prices. Having shopped with us they now want to let everyone else know about ITZOO. This kind of referral is worth more than any advert we can place, real customers recommending us is priceless and we thank each and everyone one of them.

So why not join the every growing number of people who have purchased from us and try the ITZOO experience for yourself?

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