SmartPhone & tablet testing - what we do.

To esure we supply only the best Smartphones and tablets we use one of the best diagnostics software solutuions on the market to test all phones processed by ITZOO. 

Blancco is recognised as one of the most detailed and comprehensive testing solutions available, the software completely removes all previous data held on the device and provides a detailed erasure certifcate so we know that the phone you will recieve is fully clensed of old data. 

It then goes through a deatiled diagnostics test routine to ensure the functions avaialble on the phone are all working as they should - this includes checking the battery condition.

So when you purchase a smartphone from ITZOO you know it has been handled professionally and will be fully tested and fully functional - no nasty surprises!

Details below show a sample of the variety of test we perform to ensure your tablet or phone reaches you in tip top condition. 

Battery Check

Temperature: 29°C
Wear Level: 0% Health Level: 100%
Recharge Cycles: 204 Capacity: 3500 / 3500 mAh

AGPS: Not performed

Camera (Assisted): Successful
Live Call: Not performed

Barometer: Successful
Recent/Menu Key: Successful

Screen: Successful
Screen Lock Key: Successful

Back Key: Successful
Home Key: Successful

Volume Keys: Successful
Vibration: Successful

SD Ram: Successful
Light: Successful

USB: Successful
Proximity: Successful

Compass: Successful
LCD Backlight: Successful

Accelerometer: Successful
LCD Color: Successful

Touch: Successful
Battery Charging: Successful

Temperature: Successful
Auto Focus: Successful

Camera Flash: Successful
Front Camera: Successful

Video: Successful
Headset Microphone: Successful

Camera: Successful
Receiver: Successful

Headset: Successful
Speaker: Successful

Speaker Microphone: Successful
Bluetooth: Successful

Microphone: Successful
Carrier Signal: Not performed

WiFi: Successful

Auto Rotation: Successful

OTG: Not performed
Performance: Successful

Gyroscope: Successful
Multi-touch: Successful

NFC: Not performed
Video (Assisted): Successful

Front Video (Assisted): Successful
Front Camera (Assisted): Successful

Fingerprint: Not performed
AGPS: Not performed

Camera (Assisted): Successful

Overall: Successful



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