Starting University this September?

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Back to Uni season returns. Navigating your way through university can seem like a minefield, so preparing yourself with the right tech equipment will help see you through your degree. Whether you are studying an engineering degree, business degree, or something else, ITZOO can help with your tech needs. In this article, we point you in the direction of essential University tech – in particular laptops that will help you to perform in your degree.

Have you Ever Considered Buying a Refurbished Laptop?

ITZOO is the online trading name of CSI Lifecycle Services UK LTD and is one of Europe's largest supplier of refurbished laptops and refurbished computers. We supply tier one brands such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple and Samsung which are great quality brands to carry you through your studies. All laptops come with a full 12 months warranty, however for peace of mind you can also add on an additional years warranty – with prices starting from just £30!

Refurbished laptops offer many benefits – with the most obvious benefit being the ability to work on a better quality laptop at a fraction of the cost. Take a read of a previous blog article ‘7 Reasons to Buy a refurbished Laptop’ to discover more benefits of buying refurbished.

ITZOO Recommended Laptops For Engineering Students

Whether you are studying electrical, mechanical, computer, civil , software, chemical, aeronautical or even an aerospace engineering, it is important to understand which laptop you would benefit from having whilst undertaking your degree.

There are quite a few things to check off the list for a suitable laptop for an engineering degree.  Having a powerful workstation laptop will set you in good stead, therefore we would recommend our range of Lenovo P50 laptops which are powerful, portable and affordable. Below are some more tips:

All engineers should aim for 8GB RAM. This will prevent any lag situation with your software & the number of web pages you have open.

You will need the reading and writing speeds of SSDs which will increase productivity.


Size: If you are going to be using your laptop daily, then we would recommend a large screen. Get at least a 13” display. The majority of our Lenovo range gives you a 15.6” display!

Resolution: 1080p for all engineers. This will give you enough workspace area and will scale up nicely with any software out there. Again, our Lenovo range provide this resolution.

Probably the most important feature with you carrying your laptop around. We would recommend to buy a laptop as light as possible.

Lenovo Thinkpad P50 Laptops:

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 Electronics - Starting University this September? ITZOO Are Here to Help with Your Tech Needs!

Take a look at our range of Lenovo P50 Laptops!

ITZOO Recommended Laptops For Students Studying Any Degree

For an everyday laptop for your studies, we would recommend our range of Lenovo ThinkPad T460’s. These laptops fit neatly in your backpack or handbag and is perfect for productivity on the go! With up to 18 hours of battery life, you can go all day without recharging.

Lenovo Thinkpad T460 Laptops:

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Take a look at our range of Lenovo T460 Laptops!

Need a Light, Portable Laptop?

Our range of Lenovo Yoga convertible tablet PC’s allow you to work on the move.

Lenovo Yoga 260 Convertible Tablet PC’s:

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For additional information, prices and product specifications visit our website or email -SALES@ITZOO.CO.UK!

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