Taking care of your refurbished laptop or tablet.

Taking care of your refurbished laptop or tablet.


 Carry your device in a suitable protective case.
 Plug accessories into their proper slots at the correct angle.
 Store your device in its bag/case somewhere it will not get knocked or crushed and out of public view when not in use.
 Make sure you are sitting down at a stable surface when using your device
 Keep the screen clean to avoid abrasion from debris.
 Avoid taking your device into bathrooms or areas with temperatures below 0ºc or above 32ºc
 Allow the battery to run down completely from 100% to 0% once per month to extend battery life.


 Place items such as food and drink in the same bag/case as your device.
 Leave items such as pens etc on the screen and then close the case.
 Leave cables where they may become caught and tug on the device.
 Swing the bag/case with your device inside.
 Leave your device unattended.
 Place your device under other items.
 Place your device on uneven or unstable surfaces.
 Hold and lift your device by its lid or the lid of a protective case.
 Use your device while moving around e.g. going up/down stairs or while walking.
 Insert any foreign objects into your device or force cables into ports.

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