Guide to buying a refurbished laptop or computer.

The ITZOO guide to buying a refurbished laptop or computer.

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When you’re considering purchasing a refurbished laptop or computer there are many factors which you may need to consider before making your purchase. Below we try to provide some useful information on the key factors and a little bit of techie info on the main components.

So first of all do you need a PC or a Laptop?

It may seem a simply question with an obvious answer but before you make a choice here are a few things you may want to consider.


If you want a computer you can take with you on the go then a laptop is the obvious choice, however modern tablets and the new breed of 2-1 laptops often offer powerful systems capable of most of the day to day tasks most of us need. So if portability is the key factor, you can rule out buying a refurbished PC and skip to the tech data further below. If you’re not planning on taking your computer on the road keep on reading.

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If you want power and portability is not a factor the PC is hard to beat.

With an equal budget then a desktop computers beats a laptop on every item of the specification: processor, memory, hard drive capacity, graphics power, expansion capability and ports. Laptop components at the same level will be a lot more expensive because they're smaller and cost more to produce. So if you’re budget to power conscious then buying a PC will provide a lot more bang for your buck.


Being portable most laptops have a screen size between 11 and 15 inches. Whilst some do come with screen up to 17” you have to question how portable a laptop of that size really is, that’s a lot of weight to be carrying around

Monitors are available with sizes typically starting at around 17 inches, there are lots of choices in screen size going up to 30 inches and beyond. These bigger screen make using the computer much easier and can even be used to turn your refurbished PC in to a multimedia computer. There are lots of online streaming sites, Amazon & Netflix provide excellent content directly to your computer. Buying a refurbished computer with a refurbished monitor can provide a cheap way to access fantastic computing power with a great display capable of being a workhouse and an entertainment centre.


One of the main differences between laptops and desktop computer is in the flexibility of the components you can put together – a laptops components are generally fixed, maybe you can add some more memory or swap out the hard drive but other than that the options are quite limited. With a refurbished computer there are many more options, add more memory, change the processor for a faster one, add additional hard disk or maybe upgrade to a gaming graphics card. All these upgrade option on a refurbished PC are pretty easy to do and can probably extend the life of the computer.

So if you want portability go for a refurbished laptop but if you’re looking for power and flexibility then a refurbished computer is probably the way to go.


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