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Best Intel processors 2019: the best CPUs from Team Blue

The best Intel processor is a fine way to get a sweet new gaming PC up and running if you're looking to choose among the best processors to buy. And, while the debate between AMD and Intel is always raging, we went ahead and gathered up the best Intel processors, tested them and created this list. For years, Intel processors have been some of the best for gaming thanks to their high IPC (instructions per clock) performance, paired with high clock speeds. And, while that’s still true, you’ll find Intel processors in more than just a gaming rig.

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There’s no slam-dunk best smartwatch for Android users. From one perspective, that’s a great thing because it means that there’s real competition among a bunch of companies on an equal playing field. From another, though, it’s a bummer because no smartwatch on Android is quite as good as the Apple Watch is for iPhone users. (And no, getting an Apple Watch if you have an Android phone is not a good idea.)

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Windows 10 November 2019 Update is now available as more of a service pack

Microsoft is releasing its latest Windows 10 November 2019 Update to devices today. While most of Microsoft’s significant Windows 10 updates usually come with a host of new features, this one is much more like the service packs you’d find with previous versions of Windows. Most of the changes are minor, and you won’t see a lot of them as they’re behind-the-scenes improvements focused on stability, performance, and more.

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Best 32-inch TVs 2019: the best small TVs for any budget

If you're after a small TV, and can't bear the scale – or the price tag – of the massive screens being touted by today's TV makers, there's still an impressive collection of the best 32-inch TVs that more than compensate for their size.It's the bigger screens that tend to get the most attention, as well as the latest and greatest features, and you may feel the pressure to opt for a television that simply won't fit that comfortably into your home. Thankfully, today's crop of 32-inch TVs are still able to pack in modern smart platforms and picture resolutions, or simplify their offering to help drive down end prices – making these small televisions every bit as worth considering as their larger counterparts.

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