Technology new from ITZOO - Nov 25th 2019

Huawei has collaborated with Devialet on its new China-exclusive smart speaker

Huawei’s latest smart speaker, the Sound X, is being made in partnership with Devialet, a high-end audio company known for its premium Phantom speakers. Engadget reports that the Sound X is available to preorder now for 1,999 yuan (around $285), but there’s no word of a release outside of China.The 360-degree speaker includes a 60-watt double subwoofer and comes equipped with a full array of Huawei services, including the company’s Xiaoyi voice assistant, Huawei HiLink smart home control, and support for Huawei music. Devialet, meanwhile, has provided its speaker active matching (SAM) tech to reduce distortion as well as a push-push woofer vibration-canceling system, according to Engadget.


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Elon Musk reveals why Cybertruck window smashed

Elon Musk has revealed why the windows of Tesla's Cybertruck broke during an embarrassing launch incident.He blamed the mishap on the order in which a demonstration had taken place.The vehicle was first struck with a sledgehammer in what appeared to be a successful demonstration of its armour body's strength.But this had caused an unseen crack, Mr Musk revealed, which had subsequently led to the windows smashing when they had been hit with a steel ball.The futuristic vehicle was unveiled on Thursday in Hawthorne, California, where its stainless steel, angular design drew a mixed response from the audience.Responding to a fan on Twitter, Mr Musk said the incident could have been easily avoided.

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Baby Yoda Gifs reinstated after Star Wars takedown confusion

Viral animated images of a new Star Wars character, nicknamed Baby Yoda, are back online after a brief ban.Gifs featuring the co-star of the Mandalorian TV series had been widely shared online, with many viewers declaring the small alien as being "the best thing" about the new Disney+ show.But the animations disappeared late last week after Giphy - the platform used to make them - blocked the posts.It said it had done so because of "confusion" about their legal status.Disney had faced criticism after news site The Vulture had reported that its own Baby Yoda posts had been removed for "copyright reasons", adding that "Disney decided that Gifs of this beautiful being should be removed from the internet!"

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AMD confirms 64-core Threadripper 3990X for 2020

Next year will see the release of AMD’s first Threadripper CPU with 64 computing cores and 128 threads, double that of the 32 cores and 64 threads found in the second-generation flagship 2990WX. AMD has yet to provide an exact release date or pricing information for the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, but don’t expect it to come cheap; the most expensive of AMD’s first two third-generation Threadripper chips costs $1,999.Although AMD isn’t releasing much information about the upcoming CPU itself, a leaked presentation slide claims that it will have 288MB of total cache and a TDP of 280W. Although that means the CPU requires a hefty cooling solution, it’s interesting its TDP is the same as AMD’s existing Threadripper chips despite the doubled core count. That said, we currently don’t know anything about the upcoming CPU’s clock speeds, so there’s speculation these could be lower to maintain its thermal performance.

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