Technology new from ITZOO - Nov 3rd 2019

4 ways Disney Plus could beat Netflix – and 4 ways it could fall behind

Disney Plus is on the horizon, with the streaming service’s first few territories set to get a whole lot of Disney in the coming weeks, and there are already signs that it’s going to be a successful start. First reason? Single. Tier. Pricing. We’ve gotten so used to streaming services with various pricing plans and subscription models – whether Netflix’s Basic, Standard and Premium plans, or Hulu’s ad-supported tiers – that the single tier for the Disney Plus price feels refreshingly simple. For just $6.99 / AU$8.99 (around £5) you get access to the whole library, with no caveats or catches outside of your territory.

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Why is CoD Modern Warfare 2019 controversial?

Despite recieving an overwhelmingly positive response after it late October launch,the latest Call of Duty (CoD) game comes under the spotlight, amid controversy surrounding the game's inclusion of a terrorist attack in London and a mission involving a child in combat.Whilst some feel this this is an integral part of the game, both for the enhancement of realism and that the gritty, honest approach makes an effort to not glorify war, many still feel such content is inappropriate.

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Apple's updated patent points to a wrap-around display for the iPhone

Rumors of a wrap-around iPhone screen have been floating around for years, but a newly updated patent shows Apple is still very much interested in the technology – even if it isn't going to be ready in time for the iPhone 12.As reported by Patently Apple, Apple has registered a continuation patent on the wrap-around display filing that we've seen before. Essentially, it's appending some new information on an existing patent, or tweaking the details that have already been logged.

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Night Mode: Which phone camera comes out on top?

Apple, Huawei and Google all promise that their latest flagship phones take better photos in low-light conditions.Each offers its own version of Night Mode that lets photos be taken in near-darkness, and as phones' processing power fails to impress anymore, companies attempt to find a unique way of distinguishing their products

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