Technology new from ITZOO - Oct 4th 2019

Now Facebook says it may remove Like counts

Facebook  could soon start hiding the Like counter on News Feed posts to protect users’ from envy and dissuade them from self-censorship. Instagram is already testing this in 7 countries including Canada and Brazil, showing a post’s audience just a few names of mutual friends who’ve Liked it instead of the total number. The idea is to prevent users from destructively comparing themselves to others and possibly feeling inadequate if their posts don’t get as many Likes. It could also stop users from deleting posts they think aren’t getting enough Likes or not sharing in the first place.

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What the heck is Windows 10X?

For die-hard gadget lovers, Microsoft’s Surface event this week was something of a dream come true. The company resurrected its legendary dual-screen Courier concept as the Surface Neo, then it surprised the world by announcing a dual-screen Android phone. Microsoft did announce a new streamlined version of Windows — dubbed Windows 10X — but it’s only for dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo and with Intel processors inside. You won’t be able to upgrade your PC to Windows 10X, and most of Microsoft’s just-announced devices won’t support it either.

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Apple iPad (2019) review: no competition

The entry-level iPad was updated last month with a slightly larger screen and a smart connector that lets you attach Apple’s Smart Keyboard. It’s still $329 to start, and it’s still one of the best deals in technology. It can do as much or more than any other tablet anywhere near its cost. In other words, it’s still an iPad.

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Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo phone makes no sense

 Microsoft has two new dual-screen devices: a tablet and a phone (although it doesn't want you to call it a phone). We're big fans of one of them: the Surface Neo.Reported to be at the late prototype stage in 2009, before being cancelled a year later,the Courier is now real.

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ASUS' ROG phone II is Powerful, Ambitious, and Ridiculous

 days, it’s not challenging to find a phone that’s powerful enough to run most games on the App Store or Google Play Store, nor is it too costly. It’s also easy to buy a DualShock 4 or Xbox One gamepad, then pair it to your phone via Bluetooth so you can have a console-like controller experience without being glued to your couch.Both of those points make it very hard for me to convince anyone to buy the Asus ROG Phone II, an $899 gaming-focused phone that has its own ecosystem of pricey proprietary accessories. The accessories were made for the phone, and the phone was made for these accessories, for better and worse.

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