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Apple iPhone 11 review: forget the Pro, this is the iPhone you need

Picking an iPhone now feels a lot like picking a laptop. It used to be that the iPhone you’d be interested in would be “the new one”. Apple put paid to that whole idea years ago but now it feels like a legitimate exercise to line up all your options and compare the numbers. Or at least the features that matter to you. Because not only are there three new ones, including this iPhone 11, there’s also last year’s bestselling iPhone XR still on sale and cheaper than ever. So that’s four already. But If you decide you can live without a zoom lens and an OLED display, then the iPhone 11 has everything you need for a fairly reasonable price.

5G explained for the rest of us

5G is the fifth generation of wireless data networks and an upgrade that you will want sooner or later, depending on your appetite for wireless bugs and growing pains. It is much more than the simple bandwidth or "speed" improvement on your phone that you're used to from the history of 4G and 3G before it. 5G boasts low latency, intelligent power consumption, high density and network slicing -- attributes that make it a breakthrough, and perhaps a confusing boreSo we've decided to make 5G understandable for you, the person who just wants to use it and understand what it's worth, because it will come at additional cost.

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Android exploit leaves some Pixel, Galaxy phones vulnerable to hacks

Google's security researchers said Thursday that they have found a new Android exploit that lets hackers take over a person's phone. The Project Zero team discovered the vulnerability in late September. They've already seen evidence of the exploit being used in the real world before it could be patched, making it what's known as a zero-day vulnerability. The vulnerability, however, requires action from users -- such as downloading malicious software -- before a hacker can takeover a phone. It can also be combined with a second exploit that targets the Chrome browser for a web-based attack. This means phone owners should stay aware of what they're downloading and the websites they visit. 

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Nintendo Switch Lite review: a devolution from the full Switch

Nintendo has prior form when it comes to hardware revisions, particularly for its handheld consoles. Given the regular Switch both straddles the line between home and portable, and proved a massive success for the Japanese gaming giant, it was inevitable that it too would see a refresh along the line of 3DS evolving into 3DS XL. The Switch Lite is a conundrum though: more of a devolution, with most of the features that make the Switch unique stripped out, yet still managing to be one of the best pieces of kit Nintendo has produced.

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Apple now has a free repair program if your iPhone 6S won’t turn on

Apple has admitted there’s a component that can go bad in some iPhone 6S and 6S Plus handsets that can keep them from powering on — and it’s now offering to replace that mystery component free of charge with a new repair program.The company’s support page doesn’t offer any details about which component caused the issue, but you can enter your phone’s serial number there to see if it’s eligible. Affected handsets are only those produced at the end of the phone’s life, though — ones produced between October 2018 and August 2019, when both phones were discontinued.Apple wouldn’t comment about which part might have been responsible.

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