Why It Is Worth Buying A Second Hand PC Under £150

Why It Is Worth Buying A Second Hand PC Under £150

why it is worth buying a second hand pc under £150

At Itzoo, we get many queries about refurbished computers. What is the difference between the various form factors? Why are big brands such as HP, Dell and Lenovo refurbished computers so cheap? What does the different grading mean? The list is endless. Many have never thought about buying a refurbished PC but we invite you to read this article where we explain the advantages of buying refurbished computers and even ones under £150.


Types of Form Factors

From used small form factor (SFF) PCs to reconditioned ultra small form factor (USFF) computers and mid tower PCs, we would like to explain the different types of form factors in more detail and help to point out the most important details to pay attention to when buying a refurbished computer as we understand that in today’s computer market is inundated with a vast variety of names and categories that can leave PC consumers scratching their heads in confusion. Finding the perfect computer for your needs means first deciding between desktops and laptops. Then you’ll need to narrow your search down to workstation, convertible, tower, thin client, or whatever best suits your digital demands and portability expectations.


Small form factor is an umbrella term for technologies designed to be smaller versions of similar devices within a respective field. Small form factors can take shape as a smaller-than-average smartphone, a small-scale fiber-optic system, or in this case, a miniature version of a tower desktop computer. Though small form factors are much tinier devices than standard-sized ones, they don’t sacrifice any of the performance quality or functionality.


One of our most popular ranges of small form factor PCs is the refurbished Lenovo M900 computer. We offer this used PC with a range of storage and can be purchased for as little as £135. With an Intel i5-6500 3.2Ghz processor, you can see why this is a machine in high demand for the money.

 cheap lenovo pc from itzoo

Refurbished Lenovo M900 PC from Itzoo

Price: £145.00

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Another great example of a refurbished small form factor PC is the Dell OptiPlex 3050 computer which is priced slightly higher. This is a very popular choice and performs as a great refurbished business computer but is also ideal for the home office due to the ‘small’ size of the machine. Shop our range of used Dell Optiplex 3050 PCs for under £200 today.

refurbished dell optiplex pc

Refurbished Dell OptiPlex 3050 Small form factor from Itzoo

Price: £199.99

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The size up from the small form factor is the mini tower, then the mid tower and finally the full tower. Obviously we cannot forget the ultra small form factor which is extremely popular choice for a home PC as it takes up very little office space and can be connected up to one of our refurbished monitors.


We always like to explain the process of buying a refurbished laptop, used computer or other similar reconditioned device by aligning this to the idea of “fleet cars”. Many people are familiar with the idea of “fleet cars” that have been bought or leased by large corporations and replaced after two or three years. They are cheap and have generally been well maintained, which makes them popular in the second hand market. This is a very similar process in a similar market in “fleet computers”, with refurbished devices recycled after the timeframe of around three years from the leasing side of our business and sold as refurbished PCs on Itzoo to offer our customers exceptional value.

"One of the biggest advantages of buying a cheap computer from Itzoo is that we know the exact life of the device."

Once the device is handed over from the end of lease, our team of experts then clean the product, data wipe the machine and get this prepared to be reused – again very similar to a “fleet car”. As a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher (MAR), all devices must be sold with the latest Windows version installed, so you can be sure that although the machine may be a few years old, all of the Windows software is up to date.


Many Trust Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers with Itzoo Trading as One

For those of you who do not know much about the MAR programme for used computer companies, we will explain briefly what this programme is. In short, Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers have years of experience professionally refurbishing computers and laptops using data security and environmental and sustainability best practices and compliance methods. Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers provide a complete PC solution at a great value for businesses or homes. A professionally refurbished PC or used laptop with Windows and Windows Live helps provide more reliability and responsiveness. You can always tell you are buying a refurbished PC from a MAR as every used PC and reconditioned aptop will have a specially designed Windows Certificate of Authenticity label affixed to it with the statement “For use on a Refurbished PC – No Commercial Value – For Authentication Only.” It also includes the brand name of the refurbisher who refurbished it and installed Windows on the computer. The Certificate of Authenticity label is proof that the computer is properly licensed.


Why are Some Used Computers Cheaper than Others?

A couple of obvious reasons as to why prices may differ between models and even between the same specification of PC is the condition of the machine. At Itzoo, we grade our products which range from grade A PCs which show minimal cosmetic defects, through to grade B machines which have the odd scratch mark, to grace C machines which are fully functioning but may show more signs of cosmetic damage such as small cracks and larger scratches on cases. We will however always make customers aware of defects and damages of C grade items if purchased and the price will reflect this. Browse our bargain range today! You can also find out more about how we grade our products here.


Another reason why a refurbished computer may be cheaper than others may be due to the age of the machine. Again, similar to “fleet cars”, the older a computer is, the lower the value it holds is generally. This does not reflect on how the PC operates and this is exactly how you can pick up a bargain PC under £150 and even many under £100.


We offer many cheap computers for under £100. Why not take a look at our refurbished HP 280 (G1) A grade tower PC for £59.

refurbished hp computer from itzoo

Refurbished HP PC 280 G1 Pentium G3250

Price: £59.00

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Can I Buy Well-known PC Brands for Under £150?

The answer is yes! We also price many of our refurbished computers under the £100 mark so you can be sure to bag yourself a bargain at Itzoo. The majority of the brands we sell are refurbished Dell, reconditioned HP and not to forget refurbished Lenovo goods too.


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Chip Choice

Intel Core chips dominate the corporate PC market, and Intel is currently selling above the eighth generation of these processors. You can tell the generation from the number. A Core i5-2500 is a second-gen chip while the Core i5-8500 is the eighth-gen version.


You can check processor speeds by searching for their PassMark benchmark results. A Celeron D scores 245. Even the antique Core i3-2120 scores 3914, which is quite good compared to today’s Core i3-8100, which scores 8103. For comparison, a Core i7-8700K scores 16153.


You may find you can get a PC with a Core i5-2500 (PassMark 6311) or better for a little more money. Most corporations bought PCs with i5 processors because the extra performance more than covered the extra cost, in terms of time savings.


Want advice or have a question about any of our second hand computers? For the cheapest and best refurbished PCs, get in touch with us today.

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