Why purchase from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?

Microsoft Refurbishers follow strict requirements established by Microsoft to ensure you receive a high quality, professional refurbished device installed with genuine Microsoft Windows. 

Decommissioning devices with data security in mind cannot be overlooked when disposing of technology. Properly guarding the data stored or accessed from technology devices. Security breaches can plague consumers and businesses and results in untold economic and personal impact. 

Production and disposal of electronics has such a huge environmental impact. Microsoft, along with other technology leaders and worldwide organizations, recognizes the problem of end-of-life management for technology devices and the complexities and challenges for consumers when dealing with it. 

Why do some refurbished PCs have two Certificates of Authenticity?

If the refurbished PC has a second Certificate of Authenticity, this is from the original Windows software that was installed on the PC. For more on licensing Windows on refurbished PCs, refer to this guide. 
Is recovery media supplied with a refurbished PC from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?
As of January 1, 2014, Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers are no longer including recovery media supplied on DVDs with refurbished PC purchases. Customers who buy a refurbished PC will have another option to access a recovery image in the event that they need it. The most popular method is to access the recovery image that is available on the hard drive of the computer. Or the customer may be prompted to create their own recovery media. You can learn more about making your own system backup here.
How can I tell I am buying a refurbished PC from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?
Every refurbished PC from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher has a specially designed Windows Certificate of Authenticity label affixed to it with the statement “For use on a Refurbished PC – No Commercial Value – For Authentication Only.” It also includes the brand name of the refurbisher who refurbished it and installed Windows on the computer. The Certificate of Authenticity label is proof that the computer is properly licensed. 

Text - Why purchase from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?
Please note, that while the Certificate of Authenticity is required to be affixed to a properly licensed refurbished PC after refurbishment and loading of new Windows software, there is no longer a requirement that the PC must have a second Certificate of Authenticity from when Windows was originally installed on the PC. 
The primary difference is size, area of coverage, and volume of refurbished PCs shipped per month. The Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers Program is for large refurbishers headquartered worldwide who meet the minimum average threshold of 1,000 PCs shipped per month. The Microsoft Registered Refurbishers program is for small and medium sized refurbishers who want to join other refurbisheres around the world providing professionally refurbished PCs

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