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CISCO ASA 5510 V04 Series Adaptive Security Appliance VPN Firewall - itzoo

CISCO ASA 5510 V04 Series Adaptive Security Appliance VPN Firewall

£ 79.99

The Cisco ASA 5500 Series CSC-SSM helps businesses more effectively protect their networks, increase network availability, and increase employee productivity through the following elements:

- Comprehensive malware protection: preventing disruption of business critical applications and services, prevent valuable key systems and employee downtime and reduce the costly process of cleaning up after an infection.

- Advanced content filtering: Integrates URL filtering, content filtering and anti-phishing technology that helps protect the business and individual employees from the theft of confidential information.

- Integrated message security: Integrates anti-spam technology that removes the vast majority of unsolicited e-mail before it gets to the mail server, preventing wastage of valuable network bandwidth and storage resources. 

- Customization and tuning capabilities: Provides administrators with the ability to customize control over spam and content functions to suit specific corporate policies or network environments.


Used part – fully tested 90 day warranty.

Free UK Delivery.

VAT included.


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