Why Buy a Refurbished Laptop or PC?

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Why Buy a Refurbished Laptop or PC?

When buying a laptop, PC or any other tech devices, one must make several informed decisions. Choosing an operating system, laptop brand, screen size or technical specifications is not usually an easy choice to make and many would not know where to start. We help you with this process.

Read on for the benefits of buying refurbished laptops, PCs and more.

When buying a laptop, PC or any other tech devices, one must make several informed decisions. Choosing an operating system, laptop brand, screen size or technical specifications is not usually an easy choice to make and many would not know where to start. Many customers have never considered buying a refurbished laptop or second hand PC but have been swayed to try buying a reconditioned product for a number of reasons. “I’m a refurbished convert”, is just one customer review of their refurbished laptop purchase at ITZOO, mentioning the price point and the condition of the laptop as the main benefit of buying refurbished goods.

At ITZOO, we understand that people want a laptop or PC for many different uses and therefore we offer devices which suit the following uses:

  • Business use
  • Devices for students (also ultra-portable devices)
  • Online banking and general email
  • Online shopping and browsing the internet
  • Home working set-ups
  • Small and light devices
  • Watching videos

The big question is, why should you include a refurbished laptop or used computer in your decision-making when looking for a laptop or PC? We list some of the many benefits below.

Sustainability Benefits

At ITZOO, we believe that buying a refurbished laptop or computer helps to play an important role in reducing your environmental impact while saving you money. Global efforts to protect nature and the environment are on the rise, and every effort is made to minimize pollution in the environment in which we live. Buying a refurbished laptop or refurbished computer puts used products into circulation, so if you care about the environment, purchasing a used laptop or PC will leave you with feeling like you are doing your part to help protect the environment.

Refurbished Laptops & Computers Will Last Years

ITZOO are specialists in supplying professionally refurbished and reconditioned laptops, computers, monitors, reconditioned Apple kit and more to businesses and end consumers. Our range of refurbished notebooks, computers and workstations usually includes models of the highest quality as these products have been returned from the leasing side of the business and have been used in corporate environments. ITZOO specialise in refurbishing business quality laptops and PCs, often with an original cost of over £1000. These models are made of high-quality materials, have durable hinges, good cooling, wide connectivity and other features you won't find in cheaper laptops and PCs.

Increased Comfort of Use

Most refurbished laptops are equipped with a matte display with better viewing angles than new laptops at a comparable (or even higher) price level. In addition, the owner of a refurbished notebook can enjoy the high comfort of typing on a keyboard, which is usually better optimised, either by layout, key quality (on which letters are not scratched even after years of intensive use), backlighting or resistance to wear. In addition, the business range notebook models have better heat dissipation, so if you're used to having your laptop on your knees, for example, you won't feel a warm laptop after just a few minutes.

Better Availability of Spare Parts and Service

Wide Range of Accessories Available

Buying a refurbished laptop or PC can be beneficial not only from the financial side of things. In fact, sellers of refurbished equipment usually do not focus only on one type of technique. In addition to laptops, we also offer remanufactured monitors, tablets, smartphones, cases for laptops and more. You can also get additional technology or accessories at a great price at ITZOO.

Full Warranty

If the lower price attracts you, but you cannot overcome the natural prejudice that something used must be worse than new, this is not the case. The refurbished goods we supply are high end business products, original built with the best and highest quality components. A remanufactured notebook, PC and other goods are guaranteed for twelve months, the same as if it were new. Its length depends on the specific seller - in our ITZOO warranty guide, the warranty period for all goods is 1 year, which is the standard warranty period when buying a new device, we are so confident about the quality of our laptops that we also offer extended warranties on most used laptops and second hand computers too.

You Will Save Considerable Money

The most compelling reason for anyone buying refurbished tech is undoubtably the price. And it must be acknowledged that this is a convincing argument. The prices of refurbished equipment (in addition to laptops, you can buy refurbished computers, tablets, smartphones or monitors) are generally significantly lower than new devices. By buying a refurbished PC, smartphone, laptop and more you can save hundreds of pounds as standard. Buying refurbished gets you more bang for your buck!

Refurbished Goods Have Undergone Stringent Refurbishment Processes

ITZOO are proud to be a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher, one of the very few companies to achieve this recognition in the UK. Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers (MAR) provide professionally refurbished PCs and laptop solutions to businesses and end consumers. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, at ITZOO we have many years of experience professionally refurbishing computers and laptops using data security and environmental and sustainability best practices and compliance methods. As a MAR, each unit is supplied with the latest Windows software so you can be sure that your refurbished purchase is up to date with the latest software. All refurbished technology purchased at ITZOO has undergone rigorous checks and would fully pass even the strictest test.

Finally, ITZOO Offer a Simple Way to Purchase Refurbished Tech

Whether it’s a refurbished laptop or second hand PC you’re after, make Itzoo your first choice for refurbished tech!

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