Is buying a refurbished computer a good idea?

Is buying a refurbished computer a good idea?

Many people wonder if buying a refurbished computer instead of a brand new one is a smart move or a risk.

Here are several reasons refurbished computers might be right for you:

1 – It saves you money. Choosing a refurb instead of springing for a new PC can save you anywhere from 20% to 80% off the RRP of a new computer.

2 – The quality and reliability of PCs from an official Microsoft Approved Refurbisher (MAR) means that you are purchasing a tier one branded product for a fraction of its original cost.

3 - Most computers aren’t passed on to be refurbished because they are defective, but simply because they have been replaced by a slightly newer model.

4 – All refurbished systems, including those that are indeed returned due to a real problem, are cleaned, thoroughly tested and given any necessary repairs or upgrades before being offered for re-sale. In fact, the risk of receiving a defective refurbished unit is actually lower than the risk of receiving a defective new one due to the extra testing and checks refurbished equipment is subjected to.

5 – Refurbished computers frequently come with a warranty period just as with a brand new one. So should a problem you'll have the same secure cover as you would with a brand new PC.


Tips for buying a refurbished PC

1 – It's always best to buy refurbished IT from a Microsoft Approved Refurbisher (MAR) such as ITZOO, in order to guarantee the quality of the refurbishment and that you're getting the real deal on any software included in your purchase.

2 – Remember that although refurbs are great value and will work just as well as new units, the low price means they might come with small cosmetic blemishes such as minor dents or superficial scratches to casings.



By buying refurbished, you can save money on your next computer purchase with virtually no risk. A good reputation is vital to refurbished PC sellers such as ITZOO, and it's as import to us as it is to you that you receive high quality and reliable service.