ITZOO computer Refurbishment Process:

ITZOO computer Refurbishment Process:

Computer Refurbishment Process:

When purchasing a refurbished laptop or a refurbished pc system which has been refurbished here at CSI, you can feel assured that you are acquiring a reliable, quality product. All systems are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are in full working order and ready for their second lease of life!

For a system to qualify as refurbished, it is subjected to the following processes:

  • Initial check-in, external and internal cleaning of the system
  • Physical examination of the system for faults or defects
  • If a new hard drive is not installed, wipe the previous owner's hard drive using Blancco the leading approved method for purging all data from the drive.
  • Test all hardware components on the system to ensure that they are in functioning order.  Replace those components which are not. Included components in our testing:

CD Drives, DVD Drives, CD/DVD combination drives, Diskette drives, Hard drives, Network Interface Cards (NICs), Wi-fi controllers, USB controllers, System Memory, Integrated & PCI video cards, Integrated & PCI audio devices, System board

Installation/Upgrade of non-functional or inadequate hardware components

Clean installation of the Microsoft Windows operating system Installation of the latest Microsoft security pack and updates, Installation of antivirus software, Installation of productivity software (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, etc.), Final testing of all installed components & software Sysprep of the computer to oobe (out of the box) experience for the end-user, Affix Microsoft refurbished computer COA (certificate of authenticity) to the computer case, Prep the computer for shipping.

The difference between Used and Refurbished:

A used computer system - previously owned and utilised but being sold as seen. With used computer systems, there is no guarantee that the system will have been wiped of the previous owner’s data. As well as this, the hardware will most likely not have been checked to ensure it is in good working order. Finally, the system is not required to include the operating discs and manuals which originally came with it.

Refurbished system - previously owned and utilised but has been wiped of all previous owners’ data and checked to ensure all hardware is in full working order. Processes which he system will usually go through would include: wiping of all data from previous owner, internal cleaning,  testing of all hardware components, potential upgrade of some or all hardware components (for example the hard drive or RAM), installation of the latest Microsoft operating system and most current security updates. Refurbished systems may also come with additional software, for example antivirus programs. As per Microsoft, a refurbished computer is one which is installed with genuine Microsoft software and has a Refurbished Certificate of Authenticity.  In essence, it is a new system, only the parts are older.

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