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The latest technology new from ITZOO - Nov 15th 2019

Don't use public USB charging ports

In a recent security alert, the Los Angeles District Attorney has warned travelers to avoid charging their smartphones and other devices using public USB power charging stations as they may contain dangerous malware.USB was designed to transfer both power and data and security researchers as well as cybercriminals have learned how to use USB connections to deliver malicious payloads to users who thought they were merely charging their devices.

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Will fibre broadband be obsolete by 2030 - and what about 5G?

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The latest technology new from ITZOO - Nov 13th 2019

Xbox X019: all the biggest announcements from Microsoft's event

X019 is officially in full swing and, while we didn't get any official news on Xbox Project Scarlett, there were plenty of other big announcements during X019's special Inside Xbox stream to keep us going for the next while.So what were the biggest announcements of X019? Well, Xbox Game Pass is getting a heap of new titles, more than 50 new titles are coming to Project xCloud's preview and Microsoft revealed its 

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The latest technology new from ITZOO - Nov 12th 2019

Best Intel processors 2019: the best CPUs from Team Blue

The best Intel processor is a fine way to get a sweet new gaming PC up and running if you're looking to choose among the best processors to buy. And, while the debate between AMD and Intel is always raging, we went ahead and gathered up the best Intel processors, tested them and created this list. For years, Intel processors have been some of the best for gaming thanks to their high IPC (instructions per clock) performance, paired with...

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The latest technology new from ITZOO - Nov 11th 2019

Apple Watch 6 could be faster, more reliable and water resistant

We still don’t know much about the Apple Watch 6, but reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has new predictions for the models coming in 2020: faster speeds, improved wireless connectivity, and better water resistance.That’s all thanks to the switch to liquid crystal polymer (LCP) materials in the circuit boards coming in the company’s next wearable, the Apple Watch 6, Kuo reportedly claimed in a research note with investor firm TF International Securities - a note seen by 

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The latest technology new from ITZOO - Nov 8th 2019

Apple AirPods (2019) vs Apple AirPods: what's the difference?

t could be argued that the original Apple AirPods popularized the true wireless earbud format, and despite an initial disdain for what was considered an unusual-looking design and high price point, they have become one of the most popular true wireless earbud models. Now Apple has released the new Apple AirPods (2019), which come with an optional wireless charging case, improved battery life, and smart Siri assistant functionality. still a number of new features and enhancements to consider.So what's the difference between the...

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